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Want to Start a Country Somewhere on an Island or an Archipelago

or a peninsula, or an isthmus, or a fjord, or an inlet or even a mountain.

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July 16th, 2012

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Dah! I have the most amazing ability to consistently forget ONE item at work every single day, no matter how many random objects I have strewn about the store/back room that I intend to take home with me. Today I remembered the elusive travel mug, my Chumlee cup, empty glass bottle of iced tea (because I'm a recyclepsycho), my half-box of Oreos, half a small pizza, my phone, keys, the Morphine CD I picked up (Like Swimming), empty Ziploc container, but I forgot... my coffee beans.

June 19th, 2012


Oh god. It feels so good to sit down. Paycheck was pathetic this week. I need a full body massage, no joke.

El sol no subirá mañana

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Aurinko ei nouse huomenna/ Eguzkia ez bihar goratuko dute.



The question must be asked... Can one American brain even hold two agglutinative language isolates simultaneously?

June 17th, 2012

Basque Syntax

Basque syntax... is whack, yo.

June 16th, 2012

I have had so much trouble staying positive lately. I'm just fucking done, I'm so worn out. I had started to feel like we were catching up on bills and things like that, but then all those people we had kind of pushed out of our minds started calling.

Spent all of last night (until 5:30) in the ER because Michael had a bad nosebleed that wouldn't stop. We were on the fence about going because it had originally stopped a few times but restarted, though I'm glad we did in the end. The poor guy has a huge hunk of tubing shoved up his nostril right now. He's so uncomfortable. I know he doesn't really blame me but I feel like in his exhaustion (and mine) he's sort of pissed at me for bringing him to the ER. He had to go though.

That damn bottle of Roxicet costs $40 and we're about to have to buy a 3rd one. Gotta start paying back the oil company that $600...

I don't care though, I'm still getting the new Fiona Apple album on Tuesday. Give me new music or give me death.

Uhhh... hmm. Tofutti has changed their pizza cheese recipe. I'm skeptical, because it was perfect already. Heating some up now with veggie pepperoni. Hopefully they haven't botched the whole thing.

I really want to go back to Spain and BIlbao. I need to. I just want to wander.

I'd write a song about all this but I'm just too lethargic and uninspired. Which is the biggest irony of it all... I can't even complain in lyric form. I'd rather sleep.

June 15th, 2012

Failed Olympic Bid

I have the song Failed Olympic Bid by Future of the Left stuck so deep in my head I don't even know what to do about it. 

A failed olympic bid leaves some kids so upset, they can't forget. 
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